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Napoli Kia Service

Service and Maintenance for Kia Vehicles in Milford, CT

Come to the experts at the Napoli Kia Service Center when your vehicle is in need of any type of repairs. Located in Milford, CT, the Napoli Kia Service Center provides a wide range of automotive maintenance and repair services including oil changes, brake repairs, batter replacements, and tire rotations and replacements. Making an appointment at our Milford Kia Service Center is easy; simply fill out our online service appointment form and let us know what type of car you are bringing in and what work needs to be done. If you aren’t sure what the problem is, we will take a look and give you a run-down of whatever is ailing your vehicle.

Brake Repair and Replacement for Kia Models near North Haven

Getting your brakes repaired or replaced is no hassle at Napoli Kia. We know everything there is to know about all types of auto brakes including all ABS systems, disc brakes, and drum brakes. We carry a wide array of genuine Kia brake parts and components for all models and can also provide safety inspections of your brakes as well as bleed your brake lines of air and refill your brake fluid. Make an appointment for brake repairs at Napoli Kia in Milford today.

Oil Changes for Kia Vehicles in Milford, CT

Getting a first-rate oil change in Milford is easy when you visit the Napoli Kia Service Center. Our skilled technicians will change your oil and replace your oil filter while you wait. Regular oil changes ensure that your vehicle will always be in good condition and free from excess engine wear and that harmful sludge and other deposits won’t build up inside your engine due to dirty oil. Check your owner’s manual and find out how often you should be changing your oil, then come down to Napoli Kia for an expert oil change.

Battery Diagnostics and Replacements Close to West Haven

Your car’s battery is built to last a long time, but if you have been having trouble starting your car, you might need a new battery. Your battery is an important part of your vehicle, so come to Napoli Kia for quality auto batteries and a wide selection of battery brands for Kia models and other cars. We will inspect your battery for corrosion and other physical defects, check your connections, and replace your battery with a new unit if necessary. Napoli Kia can also service hybrid battery packs and electric motors as well as alternators and alternator belts. Make a service appointment for your battery service today.

Tire Repairs and Replacements and Wheel Alignments at Napoli Kia Serving Shelton and Bridgeport

Treat your car to a new set of tires and reap the benefits. Did you know your tires can affect the quality of your car’s ride as well as your gas mileage? Well, now you do! If your tires are old or if your wheels are misaligned your will experience a bumpier, more uncomfortable ride. If your tires are over or under inflated your gas mileage could suffer – or your tires could be wearing too quickly or unevenly, which could lead to a flat or blow-out. Keep your car comfortable and safe on the road with regular tire rotations, wheel alignments, and tire replacements from Napoli Kia.

Service and Auto Maintenance for Connecticut Drivers

If you are a driver from Bridgeport, Fairfield, Shelton, West Haven, or North Haven, CT and are in need of expert auto maintenance or repairs, head to Napoli Kia. Our skilled team of mechanics and Kia technicians will ensure that your car is in perfect working order and that you and your passengers are safe and secure. Make a service appointment today at our Kia Service Center in Milford!